Various taxes / fees to be paid while visiting Rohtang Pass

  • Permit Fee (Applicable for those visiting Rohtang Pass for tourism purpose) :-
    This is applicable for all vehicles visiting Rohtnag pass for tourism purpose. This tax is applicable on daily basis and accordingly the permits are issued based on daily quota defined by National Green Tribunal(NGT)/District Administration. The tourism permit is valid for one day only (To & Fro).
    Mandatory Information required for Rohtang Pass Permit
    • Valid ID Proof
    • Valid Pollution Under Check (PUC) Certificate
    • Vehicle Registration Date (Age of vehicle not to be more than 10 yrs)
    • Daily Permit Limit :
    (i) Petrol Vehicles = 800
    (ii) Diesel Vehicles = 400

    • The permits can be obtained online in two time frames:
    (i) 10:00 hrs (200 Diesel and 400 Petrol)
    (ii) 16:00 hrs (200 Diesel and 400 Petrol)

    • In a week (Tuesday to Monday) only 3 permits can be obtained for each vehicle.

    Permits can only be applied for next 6 days from the current date.
    Printout is compulsory for all permissions.

    • Vehicles having wrong information on permit as compared to valid proofs will not be allowed to cross the barrier.
  • Congestion Charges:-
    This is applicable for all vehicles crossing Gulaba Bridge. This tax is paid on daily basis and is valid for one day only (To & Fro).
Rates of various taxes
S.No. Vehicle Class Permit Fee Congestion Charges
1 Car & Jeep 500 50
2 MUV's 500 50
3 Buses & HMV 500 100